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A Guide to a Complete Verification Request

Since the Succession Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has noticed that beneficiaries usually make the same mistakes, we have decided to highlight some key elements which have to be included in all complete requests:


  • copy of a valid beneficiary's personal document
  • tax identification number (if the beneficiary is an EU or na EEA - European  Economic Area -  citizen or if the beneficiary has a bank account within the EU or the EEA)
  • decree of distribution bearing the stamp of finality with the stated Ljubljanska banka foreign-currency bank account (for instance 45678/87)
  • life care contract must always be supported by a death certificate
  • power of attorney for the acceptance of payment (if funds are to be transferred to another person's bank account), the beneficiary's signature has to be verified by a notary public
  • the verification of the beneficiary's signature is mandatory (for more information, check the following link)
  • documents proving the existence of a foreign-currency deposit (e.g. even perforated bank booklets if the beneficiary has got them at his/her disposal)
  • Attachment I Statement (that the foreign-currency deposit has not been transferred to any other person),  signed by the beneficiary
  • Attachment II (a supporting document concerning the holder and the number of the transaction or personal account number in the EURO currency, where the funds from the unpaid old foreign-currency savings will be transferred)
  • if the beneficiary's surname has been changed, a document proving the change has to be enclosed


We also kindly ask the beneficiaries to inform us immediately in case the data regarding personal bank accounts for the acceptance for payment have changed or if they have moved to a new address in the meantime.