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Information on the Verification Procedure

Until the deadline for submitting requests for the verification of unpaid foreign-currency savings according to the Act on the Method of Execution of the Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in case no. 60642/08 (i.e. 31st December 2017), the Succession Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has received over 38,500 requests for verification.


By 31st December 2018 the Fund has already issued more than 37,175 individual decisions regarding the received verification requests, of which 33,455 indicative calculations, that include both the amount of principal and interest, in the total amount of 296.9 million EUR. By the end of the year 2018 more than 33,080 payments concerning final indicative calculations and decisions have been made to the savers of the Sarajevo Main Branch and the Zagreb Main Branch, in the total amount of 293.9 million EUR.



Zagreb Main Branch

Sarajevo Main Branch


Decisions issued


More than 19,495

More than 17,680

More than 37,175

Indicative calculations issued


(in the amount of 164.3 million EUR)


(in the amount of 132.6 million EUR)


(in the amount of 296.9 million EUR)

Payments made

to 18,710 beneficiaries

(in the amount of 163.5 million EUR)

to 14,370 beneficiaries

(in the amount of 130.4 million EUR)

to 33,080 beneficiaries

(in the amount of 293.9 million EUR)

Objections to indicative calculations

190 (1.0%)

100 (0.7 %)

290 (0.9 %)

  Source: Succession Fund of the Republic of Slovenia


By 31st December 2018 the Fund has issued the decisions regarding more than 37,175 received verification requests, however since in certain cases several procedural or substantive decisions were adopted, the Fund has issued a total of more than 38,610 decisions.


In order to ensure a faster completion of the verification procedure, the Fund kindly asks the beneficiaries or their heirs, who have sent their requests and have not yet received a Fund’s decision to inform the Fund in case their contact or other process relevant data has changed, and to check the accuracy of their bank account data or to check whether the bank account to which the funds will be wired, once they receive the indicative calculation, is still active.