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Concerning the implementation of the Act on the Method of Execution of the Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in Case No. 60642/08 (hereinafter: the Act), the Fund is responsible for deciding on the assumption of fulfilment of an individual unpaid old foreign-currency savings in the verification procedure.


The request for verification shall be filed in written form, from 1 December 2015 to 31 December 2017.


The request for verification may be filed in person directly at the Fund or sent by post at 3 Glinška, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. (form)


It is not required that the request for verification is filed by a legal representative. Beneficiaries can file the requests themselves. Additional clarifications will be available on the official website of the Fund, which will also be available for clarifications by post, e-mail or phone.


The request must include the following:

  • data of the beneficiary, i.e. name, date and place of birth, permanent address of the beneficiary or title and registered office, as well as the identification number of the beneficiary, which is determined by the acts of his/ her state of nationality for the needs of legal transactions or identification by official authorities;
  • name and permanent address of a beneficiary’s legal representative or statutory representative, if any;
  • data on the unpaid old foreign-currency savings;
  • in case of obtaining the claim through inheritance, indication of a legal predecessor and the basis for inheritance;
  • address for service if different from the beneficiary’s permanent address;
  • beneficiary’s signature.

 The following shall be enclosed with the request:

  • supporting documents on the unpaid old foreign-currency savings (an original or a copy of a foreign-currency savings book or a savings contract or other documents proving the existence and the amount of the claim);  
  • copy of the beneficiary’s personal document;
  • authorisation or other individual instrument providing the basis for representation if the beneficiary submits a request through a legal or statutory representative;
  • legal instrument providing the basis for legal succession;
  • evidence on the holder and thecnumber of the transaction or personal account to which the funds from the unpaid old foreign-currency savings shall be transferred;
  • written statement of the beneficiary assuming material and criminal responsibility that the unpaid old foreign-currency savings was not transferred to another person.